Meet Augusta Macquarie: Her Excellency, patron of the arts, formidable matriarch, environmental vandal.

Inside her triple-glazed compound, Augusta shields herself from the catastrophic elements, bathing in the classics and campaigning for the reinstatement of global reliance on fossil fuels. Outside, the world lurches from one environmental cataclysm to the next. Meanwhile, her sister, Olympia, thinks the best way to save endangered species is to eat them. Their niece, Basra, is intent on making a difference–but how? Can you save the world one blog at a time?

Stephen Carleton’s shockingly black, black, black political farce won the 2015 Griffin Award. It’s urgent, contemporary and perilously close to being real.

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Female | 60+ | under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: They say all the grand certainties are dead. God. History. Truth. All dead. The weather—the seasons as we know them. Apparently even capitalism itself is dying! (Laughter) Please! You wish! (Applause) Oh, yes, it’s an apocalypse, people! Well, you don’t hear them complaining about the end of days in the wheat fields of Greenland. The Chinese and Mexicans are cloud seeding. Saudi Arabia is pioneering drought-resistant crop technology. They’re growing food in dust bowls! If this is the apocalypse, I say bring it on! It’s time to embrace change and make practical preparations for our future.

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