Trackers is set in the near future where suburbs are divided into Zones and society is under “Algorithmic” control. Algorithms, once man-made, have taken on a creepy life of their own and are dangerously influential. They track and monitor everything, controlling how you look, your diet, hobbies, popularity, the next hit song and even friend selection.

Lately, their sinister intent has ramped up a notch. Algorithms have developed the ability to stimulate brain circuits to fully manage human behaviour. Their aim is to gain absolute control of humankind, and they’re starting with the youth.

Enter SAM Turing, a naturally gifted coder and a bit of a loner. SAM’s life is thrown into disarray when he unwittingly cracks the Page Rank code on his home computer system, unlocking hidden information about the past. Shortly after, he and his Mum are relocated to C-Zone. Unbeknownst to SAM, C-Zone is the last stop for kids who don’t “align.” They’re the guinea pigs for the new brain circuit adjustment plan.

To make matters worse, C-Zone High is terrifying! Sinister REGULATORS roam the hallways, MRS WATCHER has it in for him and the other students don’t seem quite right. If SAM is to survive C-Zone, he needs to do more than use his smarts…..SAM needs to make some real friends.

Casting Notes: Many of the characters are not bound by gender. Watcher, Sam, Toby and Max can be adapted to suit casting needs. Watcher can double as Hamilton. Cast size can be 15-25. Please see first production character list for suggestions on doubling of chorus roles.

  • technological thriller
  • 70
  • 33 total
  • 7 female identifying, 11 male identifying, 15 gender unspecified
  • political/social, gender, friendship, technology, young people
  • 12 to 16, 16 to 18
  • all ages, young adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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EXTRACT: I am pleased to announce that C Zone now has over 16 million subscribers which moves us into a highly satisfactory range. [Applause.] Unfortunately, there are individuals amongst us who, despite our best efforts ….continue to negatively affect our Brand. I am sorry to report that one student from C Zone has slipped to an unacceptable level. His laziness is holding us back from achieving our ultimate goal. MAX Goodart please come up to the stage.



"A debut of an exciting new work that I hope to see on stages again soon, as it is an ideal piece for students of that age - and quite probably the best production from students of that age that I have seen." - Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers.

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