War Trilogy


War Trilogy is made up of three one-act plays which may also be produced separately.

Ms Serena Serenata, a naturalistic play with magical realist elements, tells the tale of a Filipino war veteran who serenades an Australian grandmother.

Rita's Lullaby, a drama which blends poetry with naturalism, is about Manila's street children who have survived militarisation yet are prostituted by both the East and the West.

Promenade, which is poetry and dance, explores the root and aftermath of different kinds of war. It utlilises music and spectacle.

These plays explore how the excessive attachment to one's racial, cultural or ideological identity can easily sever our more basic link with another human being.

  • drama
  • 210
  • 19 total
  • 8 female identifying, 11 male identifying
  • adolescence, culturally and linguistically diverse, history
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Male | 60+ | 5 to 10 minutes
Starts on page 37

EXTRACT: Gusto kong - gusto kong magtapat, Serena. To tell someone -that I am a good man? Private Teofilo Cruz who followed his white Sarge like a dog? Me whitey lover who wasn't there when the Japs raped and killed my own wife-a good man? Ay, how shallow that grave I dug her, Serena!


Male | 60+ | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 11

EXTRACT: After two marriages, such is still my affliction, Mayang. You do understand, Mayang, don't you? Don't you? Ay, huwag ka na namang magtampo, Mayang. Serena is no American. You understand, Mayang? Haay, how my second wife hated them. Something about our old war against them Amerkanos after the Spanish left, sometime when her great-grandfather was killed, I think. She didn't talk about it much.

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