White Australia

White Australia is, in many ways, the melodramatic invasion narrative par excellence. Set on Marandana Station in the Northern Territory, at the nearby Katherine Telegraph Station, and in the opium dens and joss houses of Port Darwin’s Chinatown in the first decade of the twentieth century, it centres around the Pearse family and their attempts to save Australia from a Japanese attack and occupation of the “White Man’s” land.

The views expressed in White Australia do not reflect the views held by Playlab, any of its employees or affiliates. Playlab has published this work because it is an important historical record of the attitudes held by many in the Australian community at the time, and it has immediate relevance given the current debate about asylum seekers and immigration in general.

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EXTRACT: Listen to our country’s voices, crude and raw but young and strong, self-assertive but manly, intolerant but kind. All the ugliness that belongs to new birth, but also all the promises of its strength. [Crowd cheers.] Strive to make our country better, not another country worse. That is our duty, reserving our wondrous continent forever for the white man.

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A detailed biography of George Randolph Bedford. This article was published in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 7, (MUP), 1979.



"Billed as a 'patriotic drama,' White Australia tells of an attempted invasion by Japan, with help from some Northern Territory Aborigines and a white traitor, which is thwarted by a Northern Territory squatter."

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