Zeal Theatre is an internationally-renowned touring theatre company dedicated to creating plays for schools, theatres and festivals.The company has created over 45 original plays, which have been staged in over 30 countries worldwide. Following on the success of Zeal’s 2011 collection featuring The Stones, Burnt and Taboo, this collection features two new plays in Zeal Theatre’s repertoire: King Hit and Lucky Country.

King Hit
King Hit opens at Tula’s birthday party. Heaps of people arrive, the music is pumping and everyone is having a great time. When Tula's dad leaves, things change. Two boys start to argue and what begins as a bit of fun quickly escalates into an alcohol-fuelled fight, reaching a shocking climax. Blending elements of naturalism, expressionism and docu-drama, King Hit questions the dynamic of violence as it touches the lives of young people.

Lucky Country
In Lucky Country, a new student arrives at Cook Vale High School. He’s from Syria, he is a refugee, and he’s spent time on Nauru. Two boys in his class concoct a ‘special welcome’, triggering a chain of events that engulfs the whole community. Lucky Country looks at contemporary racism, global politics and the role of the media.

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