by Nicki Bloom

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by Nicki Bloom

The lives of a young couple, heartsick at not being able to have children, are changed in an instant when they magically fall pregnant. Nine months later their very own little bird, a boy named Wren, is born.

As Wren grows, their idyllic existence starts to fray at the edges, and one day Wren returns home from school to find his mother gone and his father grief stricken and silent. Frustrated by his father's inertia, Wren leaves his home, determined to make a new life for himself, and possibly even find his mother.

On the verge of exhaustion, Wren collapses on a stranger’s doorstep. The girl who lives in the house takes care of him, loves him, and marries him. Wren lives as the girl’s dutiful husband. Years pass. Wren gradually realises that this existence is as false to him as the previous life he lived with his father was, and once again he leaves his home, hoping to start again, and to one day find his mother.

He arrives destitute in the big city, and is taken in by Rocky, a bearded, dress-wearing ex-woodcutter. Under Rocky’s influence, Wren becomes a woman. Years pass. Again Wren begins to realise that this existence is as false as the others have been, and despite his journeying and the progression of so many years, he is no closer to finding his mother.

Rejected by Rocky and utterly alone, Wren seizes one last opportunity to find out who he is and where his mother might be...

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