by Clare Hennessy

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by Clare Hennessy

Best friends Daisy, Greta and Luke have come to The Pier for everything, no matter how big or small it is. It is their world, and nothing outside matters. But what they are afraid of is coming from inside their world, and it threatens to destroy their future.

Daisy has invited Greta and Luke to the Pier after three days of "lockdown". The last the best friends saw each other was at a party of their friend, who was found dead the following morning.

They attempt to reconcile varying recollections of the night and their friendship with the dead girl, realising that their stories are fraying with the truth embedded somewhere amongst the mess.

Daisy isn't being as honest as she'd have them believe. Luke is knee-deep in denial. Greta is pushing them both with a barely contained venom. This is the first time they are dealing with grief, and now they must deal with something else: culpability.

Who are we, when push comes to shove? How do we salvage ourselves after our mistakes?

ELEGY is a reflection on grief, morality and friendship.

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