MI:WI 3027

by Glenn Shea
Photo: Scott Webb

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MI:WI 3027

by Glenn Shea

Mi:Wi 3027 is an original theatre work based on a remarkable cross-cultural wartime story.

Mi:Wi 3027 brings to life a most fascinating wartime story inspired by Ngarrindjeri Digger Roland Carter from the Raukkan community in the Coorong, South Australia, and the lifelong friendship he developed with Jewish German ethnologist Leonhard Adam.

Roland Carter (Service No. 3027) became the first Ngarrindjeri man to join the Australian Imperial Forces during World War I. Whilst interned in Germany, he met Jewish German ethnologist Leonhard Adam, employed by the German government to collect information on the culture and customs of the ethnic prisoners. During meetings between the two, Roland gave Leonhard valuable insight into the customs, history, language and daily life of the Ngarrindjeri people back home in Australia. It was these meetings that led the two men from very different cultures to form what would become a lifelong friendship.

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