by Van Badham

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by Van Badham

"Do NOT - I repeat - DO NOT run screaming from the room."

So Gina Dobbs has been telling herself, but it's getting difficult, what with a neurotic mother obsessed with fat, a sister developing Tourette's from her fast-approaching HSC, and a Barbie doll cousin intent on stealing both Gina's sanity and the boy she likes.

Still, armed with the tunes in her head, a crazy wit and a few bottles of vodka, Gina just might stand a chance! It's a comedy! It's a love story! It's a dangerous fable - about the perils of girlie perfection.

"...a light-hearted affair with a serious twist... clever dialogue interspersed with stand-up comedy and a faux intermission really shows the talents and maturing abilities of Australian playwright Van Badham." - Jeanette Gray, Vibewire.Net, 14 April 2003

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