by Katherine Thomson

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by Katherine Thomson

View a trailer of this DVD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZbcEX_JTEQ

Directed and produced by Catherine Gough-Brady
The dissident walks through Katherine Thomson’s plays – the whistleblower, the unionist and the activist occupy her stage. We see them in Harbour, Mavis Goes to Timor, and Wonderlands. Katherine talks about her writing process, where her research has led her and where her ideas come from. She discusses her stagecraft and the effect of the spectacular. She talks of writing for a TV mini-series and her collaboration in Answered By Fire.

This title consists of a short filmed interview (approx 30 mins) with the playwright discussing her plays and writing methods; short ‘lesson-starter’ films about each play and about curriculum concerns; accessible and informed commentary; easy-to-use chapters and menus; teachers' notes; the writer reading a passage from one of her plays.

The writer discusses: key literary figures; development of her ideas and themes; motivation of her characters; adaptation of the texts; dramaturgy and staging of her plays; social and historical context of her plays; inspirational sources for her plays; tips for young writers.

This film comes with a free study guide.

[One 30 min film and 11 mini films]

Answered by Fire, Part Two
Diving for Pearls
Mavis Goes to Timor

Writing in Australia
From Ideas to Script
From Script to Stage
Best Writing Tips
Form and the Media

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