Elvis wants Rosie. Rosie wants to escape. Maddie doesn’t know what the hell she wants, but it sure isn’t this. While Rosie weighs up the needs of community with her own dreams, Elvis juggles a life of crime with a tougher path on the straight-and-narrow, and Maddie faces life as a single parent.

CUSP juxtaposes the Northern Territory’s vast landscape with the turbulent lives of three emerging adults swimming against the tide of irrevocable change.

Mary Anne Butler’s deeply funny play throws a spotlight on the warmth and humanity that keep us balanced in a world where, as Elvis puts it: ‘Some people just get better choices than others.’

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Female | Teen | over 10 minutes
Starts on page 2

EXTRACT: Wasn’t gonna have sex. Not till I was eighteen. Didn’t want to be a slut, but then—you can’t plan everythin’, can you? … so I’m stuck up this rope wall thingy, one of those stupid trainin’ courses where they try to make everyone bond through hatin’ the instructor equally. Obstacles and pulleys and ropes and fallin’ backwards, hopin’ the others’ll catch me. My foot gets caught in a rope square and I can’t move. Everyone else is finished, and they’re all headin’ on to the next thing, and I’m just— Frozen. Stranded. Scared. Think: I’m gonna be up here forever.

Adult themes


Male | Teen | 5 to 10 minutes
Starts on page 1

EXTRACT: They ring the last bell and I hear them shuffle in and someone laughs and someone else coughs, someone swears, ‘Fuck off, cunt’—and then the final clang of the big doors, metal on metal, slammin’ shut. The bolt driven home. A bitter and final sound. Bodie’s being shifted to the big house tomorrow. Someone’s singin’ happy birthday to him. That’s what they do in here. On your eighteenth birthday, they shift you across. He’s gone all quiet in his cell. Be shittin’ himself. All them stories. Gettin’ it up the arse by the big fellas.

Adult language, Adult themes

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