Gingerbread puts a fresh spin on modern bourgeois dinner party dynamics. The established couple of Beth and Craig prepare for the arrival of Beth’s old college friend, Sally, and her new partner, John, for dinner. From all appearances John seems perfectly suited to the group and their evenings of like-minded conversation. However, John has a preference for play-acting as a baby and insists on taking his bottle along. Sally resists, but eventually relents so long as John keeps it secret.

John is not subtle though and soon the secret is out. Beth and Craig are surprised but try in their own ways to accommodate. Sally encourages Beth to reveal her own secrets and she expresses her dissatisfaction with Craig’s timidity in life and in the bedroom. The conversation focus shifts to the hosts and the dinner reaches a crescendo of accusations and revelations of repressed desires.

The night ends and the couples separate. Back at home, Sally finally asks John to hold her instead of her always nursing him while Craig finally attempts to be what Beth wants by stumbling through a role-play in bed. Neither efforts are entirely successful, but both relationships are shifted and long held beliefs re-examined.

  • contemporary realist
  • 90
  • 4 total
  • 2 female identifying, 2 male identifying
  • women, gender
  • 18+
  • children, young adult, adult
  • Australian Plays Transform


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