Jo Stone, an archivist, is working on restoring cenotaphs and war memorials across regional Australia. In a town in southern New South Wales she comes across a broken down memorial, which features several names in common with her own. Throughout the play Jo searches for the stories of her own family and through letters, personal anecdotes, photographs and memories she comes to more deeply understand her ancestry.

  • drama
  • 85
  • 8 total
  • 7 female identifying, 1 male identifying
  • history, culturally and linguistically diverse
  • 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Female | 50s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 18

EXTRACT: I am employed by the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to repair and catalogue all war memorials and cenotaphs across Australia.It is quite humbling to go into towns, cities and tiny villages and come across such miraculous sculptures, rotundas and obelisks. It is also distressing to sometimes find them in various states of disrepair. Since I began this work I have been consumed by stories. Who were these young men? Did they know anything about the world outside? Did they know they might not return? Who were there families? What about the womenfolk?


Female | 50s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 17

EXTRACT: You are Stones! /Don't forget us and we won't forget you./ Behave like Stones./ This is Tyrone - he fought for you -/ In your schoolyard - the farmyard - in town -/ By the creek and by the book./ Now - you have to fight for him and for us./ We're your womenfolk./ We trust you and believe in you./ We nurse you. We feed you. We patch you up./ In turn we ask you to be true.



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