On an isolated rural property, there lives a father and his two daughters. All three are haunted by a past tragedy that has left the youngest daughter, Genevieve, crippled, and their mother covered in hideous burns; an affliction that eventually drove her to suicide. The father, unemployed and too destitute to send his daughters to school, has confined his daughters to the decrepit cottage. The eldest daughter, Eleanor, has started receiving phone calls in the dead of night from a mysterious stranger who, out of loneliness, she has fallen for. When their father suddenly leaves to borrow money from his brother, the two sisters are left to look after themselves.

As the days pass, a policeman calls by to warn them of young girls having disappeared in the area, incidents often preceded by strange phone calls. Dismissing the Constable’s visit, Eleanor continues to speak with the man on the phone, while her sister, suffering the loss of her beloved pet chicken, grows sadder and lonelier, relying on the spectre of her dead mother for company.

Soon, however, the phone calls cease and Eleanor becomes increasingly forlorn. The girls’ situation grows bleaker as it becomes apparent that their father’s absence may be permanent. Then, unexpectedly, Eleanor and Genevieve receive a visit from a stranger one night – a girl covered in blood, shaken and incoherent. Genevieve, frightened, aware something terrible has occurred, nonetheless welcomes the girl, Polly, as a friend. Eleanor, on the other hand, suspects the stranger she is in love with must somehow be involved, and instead of being afraid, she is jealous. Polly is a rival, and she must be dealt with...

  • a darkly funny gothic thriller
  • 80
  • 6 total
  • 4 female identifying, 2 male identifying
  • 18+
  • adult, young adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Female | Teen | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 14

EXTRACT: Once upon a time, there was a princess. She lived on a mountain...and that mountain was on an island, surround by a black, treacherous sea. She was the most beautiful princess in the world, yet no prince could rescue her...all those that tried perished in the sea. Then one day a man appeared on the mountain. And she was happy. Happier than she’d ever been. He told her he was a prince...and she believed him. Yet something bothered her – she couldn’t understand how he had survived the journey, while so many others had not...

Adult themes


Female | Teen | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 24

EXTRACT: Some things are in your head and you just can’t stop them from being in there. Even back when we went to church I used to think about those things. I mean, doesn’t everybody? The things they read from that book...all those wild and terrible things. How can you not get your head filled up? The pastor he’d talk...he’d drone on and on...and I’d just be thinking about Jesus up on that cross. Bloodied and wounded and in pain. I’d shut my eyes and think about being there...being in the crowd...breaking from the crowd...going to him...

Adult themes

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