'Songs for the Deaf' is a triptych of new works fusing fantasy and realism with rapid-fire dialogue and gritty characterisation. Each play is a dark opus of high tragedy and savage black comedy in which the mundane and the magical intertwine, where modern suburbia and old world myth collide to form a suburban dystopia of meat pies and madness, Hills hoists and heart attacks.

Late one night on an empty beach, a bear and a rabbit find one another. A gentle love story about lovelessness as two damaged souls try to connect.

'The Half Windsor'
A man, a bum, an empty alley. A Darwinian battle for status and survival in the bowels of Sydney's lower depths.

When Becca's mum leaves, Dad and the kids hatch a plan to win her back. If Mum sees her little babies on her favourite T V show, "Australia's Funniest Home Videos", she will miss them so much she will just have to come back. The car is sold, a second hand video camera is bought and the injuries begin... 'Rocketbaby' is a pitch black comedy. It won the Write Now National play competition held by Naked Theatre Company and premiered at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Sydney 2003.

'While his comedy is ferociously black, it is never heartless or oversimplified. Lewis has an ear for the manners and anxieties of contemporary Australia.'
Murray Bramwell, The Adelaide Review.

'Black and compelling. A tour de force.'
Russel Starke, The Adelaide Messenger.

  • three short tragicomedies
  • 60
  • 5 total
  • 2 female identifying, 3 male identifying
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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EXTRACT: And they chased that rabbit like a gunshot across the road and back again and up and down the lawn till its little heart exploded and it fell down dead of fear. And then they tore it open like a watermelon. And when all the barking stopped, Ronnie turned off her stereo and came outside and shooed the dogs away. And when the little Princess got home she looked everywhere for little Flopsy and when she found him. Her heart was full of so much love that it swelled and burst and she fell down dead on the lawn...

Adult language

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