Nicki Bloom's astonishing first play is a haunting examination of love, loss and grief.

Sarah can't remember what happened in the gardens. Her memory is fractured, her husband Michael seems barely present and her parents-in-law, Yvonne and Patrick, are losing patience. What is it that she has lost and can she get it back?

As we jump between events before and after that fateful night in the gardens it becomes clear that the scars that Sarah carries run deep.

"Tender offers a moving exploration of the nature of intense love: in the living and in the memory, and in the everyday." - Mark Hopkins, Sydney Morning Herald

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Female | 20s | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 42

EXTRACT: We can talk about Michael/Just/I love Michael/ An enormous amount/Have you known a love like that?/ Sometimes/I'm not sure/That anyone has ever/In the course of history/ Known the kind of love that I know/And I know/That's what they all say/All the great lovers of history/The great lovers/All driven by that same raging blossoming passion/ We have/ A love that/ Eclipses/Can I ask you something?/Why am I here?/


Male | 50s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 67

EXTRACT: They were ambushed/Both of them /Sometimes/Suspicious types Unscrupulous people/In the gardens at night/I don't like to do this/Why do you make me do this? /Lots of people/I don't know/Men/They grabbed her/Held her down/Three of them/She's not strong/All over her/They beat her/They/ Did things/I can't be/Specific/Disrespectful/What do you want to hear?/That they tore her skirt/And shoved/Their big fat dicks/Inside her/One after the other/ And then they used/ A stick?/

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