Saturday morning, the day after the office Christmas party. A motley crew of mostly hungover individuals are boxing files for the upcoming office move. Mysteries abound. Why is E, who never does overtime, working so close to Christmas? Where does the manager keep disappearing to? What did happen to Jo last night? Whose bed did Andy wake up in? And is there really a vampire in the office? A lively and lighthearted farce set in a world where a person’s sexual orientation is of no more importance than the hand with which they write.

  • comedy
  • 20
  • 18 total
  • 3 female identifying, 1 male identifying, 14 gender unspecified
  • lgbtqia+, gender
  • 18+
  • adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Gender Unspecified | Unspecified | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 24

EXTRACT: It’s been like banging my head against a brick wall getting any of you lot to help. Oh no, you can’t work overtime, you’ve got a life. Well, I’ve got a life too, dammit, but do Head Office care about my life? Do they heck as like. They just care about their stupid schedule.

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