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If you’re looking for info about program eligibility and the application process, you’re in the right place!

If you’re after our general FAQs for topics like the website, accessing scripts, making payments, or production enquiries, check out these FAQs here.

We’re building a list of questions and answers for each of our programs and the ins-and-outs of eligibility and the nitty-gritty of applying.

We’ll keep updating this page, so if you have a question you think belongs here please get in touch!


Before we get into each program, here’s an outline of some descriptors we often use. These remain consistent across APT’s programs.

  • Emerging*: playwrights in the first eight years of their practice who have demonstrated at least some experience writing plays or live works for theatre audiences
  • Mid-career*: playwrights with a body of at least two professionally produced work and industry recognition.
  • Full length play: a completed play that is of at least 60 minutes in length. As a guide, one page of dialogue is usually about one minute long.
  • Professionally produced work: the work has been staged by a theatre company that operates on a professional basis, meaning it pays its artists and staff, has a formal organisational structure, and is recognised within the industry.

*NB- we do not consider age as necessarily a factor for career status.


Submitting an Application:

Where is the submittable/application link?
All of APT’s applications are available through the submissions platform Submittable. As programs go live throughout the year, they will be available on the APT’s Submittable homepage, here. We also add them to our linktree, which is here! Your third option is the Current Program page here, which we’ll keep updated with links and dates as we lock them in.


What information will I be asked?
For each application, you’ll be asked for your name and contact details. After that, the questions will differ for each program, but will generally ask for some details of your career, the play you’d like to work on, and why you think the program is a good fit for you. We also ask some demographic questions, but unless they are a core part of the program (e.g. for the Australian First Nations Playwrights Retreat) these are always optional.


Where is the Q&A zoom link for each program?
For each program, the Zoom meeting and RSVP form (if you would like a calendar invite, and/or to submit a question in advance of the session) will be linked on the current programs page under Status Updates. We are aiming to hold each Q&A session approximately 2-3 weeks after applications open.


I’ve sent in my EOI! What happens next?
Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by our team and successful applicants will be notified a few weeks after applications close. For a more specific time frame, check out the Status Updates.


Who decides the participants in each program and how?
For each program we strive to build a panel of readers/assessors who are industry professionals with a connection to the creatives the program is aimed at – e.g., for the Erin Thomas Fund, we seek those with a connection to regional/remote Australia.

The reading/assessing process often starts ‘blind’ – that is, submissions are anonymised so that the panel does not see the submitter’s name, or any identifying information from their application.


Will I receive feedback on my application?
Unfortunately not. We often receive a high volume of applications and due to the small size of our team and panels, we aren’t able to provide individualised feedback. Thank you in advance for submitting an application and letting us get to know about you as an artist!



What is the Erin Thomas Regional Playwrights Fund, and who is it for?

The Erin Thomas Regional Playwrights Fund (aka ‘Erin Thomas’ or ‘the Erin Thomas fund’) is a program founded in the memory of Erin Thomas with the generous ongoing support of Leah Thomas, and the Thomas family and friends. It is for emerging regional/remotely-based playwrights, with a focus on practice building and mentorship.

Playwrights bring a script they would like to work on, and are paired with a mentor (usually a dramaturg) to meet for 16 hours across 6 months, in whatever way best suits the playwright-mentor combination in both time and location.

Both playwright and mentor are paid $1000 for their time, and there is an additional travel bursary of up to $1000 which the playwright can use in line with their practice-building. Previous participants have often used this to visit major cities and engage in workshops, see plays, and/or meet with their mentor for in-person sessions. The program runs annually, and usually 3 playwrights are selected each year.


Does where I live count as regional/remote?

To check eligibility for regional/remote areas, we follow Regional Arts Australia in using the Department of Health’s locator map , available here. This uses the Modified Monash Model to determine regional/rural/remote-ness. If you’re curious, Regional Arts Australia has a blog post about it here.

We have a quick pdf guide on how to use this locator to check your address, available here.


Can I submit for Erin Thomas if I’ve already received the award?
No. Unfortunately, you cannot submit if you have already been successful in receiving this award. The program is designed to support new regional artists each year on their way to building their writing practice and career.


Do I need to reside in NSW to apply?
No. The program is structured for you to collaborate either in-person with someone you live close to, or virtually with a mentor located elsewhere. This means applicants from all states and territories are welcome.


What state should my play be in? Is this program suitable for someone with an almost complete script, or would it be more beneficial for someone starting from scratch?

The Erin Thomas Fund focuses more on mentorship and developing your practice. If you feel you have an almost-complete script, we suggest that you ask what yourself your work would gain from the duration and mentorship offered in this program. If you have an almost complete script, you should be open to receiving feedback and notes from your mentor.


What is the Duologue program, and who is it for?

The Duologue Program is a national program for mid-career playwrights who have a specific collaborator they would like to work with. In 2024 it is running with the support of the S, B, & W Foundation. Playwrights bring themselves, a chosen collaborator, and a play to work on, and are supported for three hours of work per month for the 6 months of the program.


I’m not sure if I’m considered ‘mid-career’.

We understand! Please feel free to reach out to APT and we can have a chat about your eligibility for the Program. It is not a simple thing to define, you may have more experience in one area of your practice, for example, acting but not playwriting.

Note- we do not consider your age as a factor in defining “mid-career”, we understand that careers in the arts are not straight lines.

We still welcome you to apply anyway and we will review your application as we do all the others. So if you think you might not fit our guidelines but you still define yourself as mid-career, we encourage you to apply with that information in your application.


Do I need to reside in NSW to apply?
No, this is a national program. You can reside anywhere in Australia.


How far into a project/play do you need to be eligible to apply?

Not that far! Your project or play can be at the idea stage, or you may have already started working on it but need additional support. Please consider whether our program will meaningfully advance your project with the resources we provide.



We plan to keep adding to this list, so if you can’t find your answer here, please get in touch with us! You can use our contact form or email us at hello@apt.org.au.

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