Five seasoned actors gradually emerge from a maelstrom of discarded theatre sets, costumes and props. They gossip and argue. From time to time they strike up impromptu performances. Their lines and gestures are poorly recalled fragments from a disparate array of theatrical traditions: Aristophanes; Shakespeare; Leban; Brecht; Pinter; Miller; opera, West End.

Hilariously funny, their parodies turn increasingly melancholic. An existential crisis ensues. In this theatre of ruins, the actors are not lost for words but for meaning.

  • theatrical satire and parody
  • 90
  • 5 total
  • 2 female identifying, 3 male identifying
  • 18+
  • adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Gender Unspecified | Unspecified | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 23

EXTRACT: of course one dies more than the once, particularly the early days, some nights more than others, but even then... even then amidst terminal throes of lesser performers, we see clearly enough our young Millstone has the shall we say, as it were, what it takes, regardless./ Eminently watchable. A triumph of quick-witted will on the feet. This is the joy of an Actor Acting, holding the boards with a problem, turning with a solution, even without the words: that's a Real Performance


Gender Unspecified | Unspecified | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 91

EXTRACT: Then, turning on his heel, he marches away, so beautiful that when he is snatched up by the emptiness of the wings, the audience will experience a sadness, a kind of regret: they will see a star loom into view and pass by. This kind of acting will encounter life, the actor, the play./ Therefore: appear, shine, and, as it were, die.

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