Between Today and Tomorrow is set at night in a small room in a boarding house. A woman (Claire) and her 12 year old daughter (Julie) arrive. They have left their family home. It is their first night on the run. Julie can’t take in what has happened, Claire can’t explain it. In this emotional and delicate twilight, Julie tries to piece her family back together.

  • poetic drama
  • 30
  • 3 total
  • 2 female identifying, 1 male identifying
  • 12 to 16, 18+
  • adult, young adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Male | 40s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 14

EXTRACT: Late at night the house was very quiet. Sometimes, when I couldn't sleep, I'd lie awake and listen . . . I'd listen to how quiet the house was. I left school because I was no good at anything. I worked in a garage, just helping out. I became an apprentice. My father died. At the funeral my mother wore black gloves. I fixed the roof. My sister gave the cat a saucer of milk each morning. I gave my mother my wages. I was happy sometimes. I grew up.

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