In the lead up to the 2016 federal election, what is going through the tangled mind of Malcolm Turnbull? What can he say, what can't he say, and what does he wish he could say? Some would even say Malcolm is a man of many faces, one minute the perfect dinner party companion, the next a ruthless Richard the Third.

I Can't Even... is an upfront and outspoken provocation about what’s happening in the country and the election conversations we aren’t having. Think again about where this country is heading and what we can do about it. The text was drawn from speeches and press conferences, memes and Rhodes Scholar reports. The play takes the format of a tech rehearsal for a campaign speech. The Prime Minister, is on a bare stage with the script on a teleprompter.

I Can’t Even smashes the veneer off the character of a political vandal. Who is this Prime Minister we see before us and why did we ever believe he could be our saviour from the nut jobs who have been running our country into the ground?

  • political satire
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  • 18+
  • adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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