Once, in a time before time, in a place without calendars or clocks or calibrated chronometers, there is a small village. Welcome to the Village of Halcyon where they live by the seasons and the cycles of the moon and the sun. It is a place without countries; where no borders separate people from each other. It sits beside a river, near a forest, beneath a mountain. The people of Halcyon are artisans of all crafts and trades. They live peacefully with each other, and with the other towns and villages around them. In Halcyon their stories are handed down, not written down. They are told in tales and songs and dances at pageants and fairs and festivals. It is an idyllic world in harmony with all things, until one day…

…a terrifying, belligerent beast known as The Grimmuss besieges Halcyon and, despite the best efforts of the Council of Wise Elders and three champions who are clever, brave and mighty, only a young girl named Freya knows where to find the creature and how to defeat it.

  • fantasy fable
  • 45
  • 32 total
  • 16 female identifying, 16 male identifying
  • 8 to 12, 12 to 16, 16 to 18
  • all ages, children
  • Australian Script Centre


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