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This new Collection brings together a selection of education resources created for Playbox Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre plays over the past twenty years. Many of the plays have been Australian premieres. Additionally many have received only one Australian production. This important Collection of resources provides a valuable insight into the significant relationship that has developed between a theatre company and the education sector. It also captures the plays ‘in time’, providing each creative team’s and writer’s perspective on their work and what it has to say about theatre and the human condition.

The Collection is designed to align education resources and scripts as valuable companion publications. Australian Plays is delighted to work with the Malthouse Theatre on this new initiative. It is the first of what Australian Plays hopes will be a series of collaborations with other Australian theatre companies, designed to enhance learning for students studying Drama, Theatre and English.

The Education Collection also highlights how technology has enabled education resources to extend into video, audio, and digital platforms, providing students with greater capacity to make connection between the script and the production, and to prolong their engagement online.

I hope you and your students enjoy the Collection, one aimed at generating a rich pre and post show afterlife for the Australian plays you choose to read, study, see and perform.


Meg Upton

Education Curator

Australian Plays Transform

Malthouse Theatre is committed to producing new Australian plays, promoting Australian writing and ideas, and revisiting the creations of great Australian playwrights. Many of the Australian plays produced by Malthouse Theatre over the last twenty years has also resulted in the creation of education resources to accompany the productions. The aim of these resources has always been to expand the conversation around the ideas and pursuits of the play, and to offer further conversation about the politics and inventions within the plays, not only for students and teachers, but for all audiences.

It is vital to give ongoing life to Australian plays produced in the past, as they provide us insights for where we are travelling as a community and culture, and continue to offer us entertainment and provocation. Collaborating with Australian Plays to ensure that the legacy of these plays and playwrights lives on has been a great pleasure, and Malthouse Theatre hopes the availability of this vault of resources will energise drama educators, students and audiences Australia wide, and deepen our engagement with Australian playwrights and plays.


Matthew Lutton

Artistic Director and Co-CEO

Malthouse Theatre

Scripts and Resources


Away by Michael Gow

The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man by Tom Wright

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