A satire on modern manners and ideas which employs some of the stock characters and conventions of the Commedia dell'Arte.The principle character Feruccio, an entomologist by profession, is writing a masterly treatise on insects. For reasons never revealed, and which he never disputes, he has been informed by a government office that he has only a week to live.His first concern is to set his estate in order and to organise the final publication of his treatise. The play opens on the day prior to his appointed extinction and revolves around his efforts to ensure that his work is continued afterwards.These plans are thwarted by the intrigues of relatives and friends who hope to inherit his estate. The play climaxes when all these intrigues are brought to light and the characters are caught deceiving each other.

  • comedy
  • 90
  • 9 total
  • 4 female identifying, 5 male identifying
  • 18+, 12 to 16, 16 to 18
  • adult, all ages, children
  • Australian Script Centre


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